About us

EXALTA is a Malta - based company specialising in 3D architectural rendering. We offer interior and exterior modelling, animation, light/sun studies, material studies, illustration, and general product needs.

Our graphics and visualisations can be used and developed for subsequent promotions on video, brochures, posters and display stands.

Every project is unique and exciting in its own particular way. We work closely with architects, developers, and interior designers to produce architectural renderings which are both visually-enhanced and photorealistic.

We can offer you a range of practical options for all your marketing, advertising, and creative needs. In every case we will offer complete and cost-effective solutions.

When you add to this the level of our service it adds up to a package which is hard to beat.

Why do you need 3D architectural renderings ?

The architectural industry is becoming ever more dependent on high-end computer- generated graphics of various types. These media offer scope for expertise and innovation, as well as enhancing actual designs with their aesthetic excellence. It means that a project has an immediate added-value and allows for many different forms of business development.

We utilise the visual component of CAD technology to give you an automatic superiority whenever you compete or tender for contracts. It is equally effective at all stages of
existing projects, especially whenever you wish to accurately inform your client as to
a facility's progress.

EXALTA takes pride in the functional application of its products. Our clients’ needs come first. That is why we put our energy into staying on top of trends and equipping ourselves with the latest technology in a multitude of industries, including conventional rendering and illustration.

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