Take advantage of our expertise, and we will help you to bring your plans to life.

We offer the benefit of precise presentations which are visually stunning, and which serve to improve your communications and project management, thus saving time and money.

Clients have used our services for a vast array of projects: visual presentations and renderings, marketing strategies and as a method for acquiring investors before breaking ground, etc.


The value of having a three-dimensional visual manifestation of a project years before its completion is inestimable.

Through our photorealistic renderings we allow our clients to analyse and get a feel of their project long before it actually materialises.

Interior designers are able to preview sites far in anticipation of embarking upon the actual process of applying materials, fabrics, and colour combinations. This is likely to yield highly positive results as an outcome.

Our team of professional artists will produce the visually-stimulating architectural renderings and photography which impact on the viewer. However, our presentations also set out to help you in selling your projects. To help locate and secure potential investors you need to communicate your vision clearly, and that is where we step in.

Photorealistic models illustrate the building in question as true to its final shape as is possible. Shapes, textures and lighting are emphasised and outlined, to make even the tactile qualities more realistic.

We can therefore illustrate precisely how a proposed building will look within its environment. Our visuals are endowed with a comprehensive methodology of production which has been quintessential in aiding our clients to win planning approval and appeals, secure funding, win bids, raise a profile, market and sell property on-plan.


Animation is an added benefit which allows you to experience a virtual ‘walk’ through a project prior to construction. At EXALTA, we create broadcast-quality animations for TV, DVD, CD or the Internet. They are a superb marketing tool for promoting the development of sites, and on-plan sales. Animation is probably the foremost presentation solution for the direct communication of ideas within a target market.


Rendering is the conversion of 3D designs into viewable animations, and a Render Farm is a collection of computers which accelerates this process. An Internet Render Farm is simply one which is remotely accessible via the Internet.
Whenever you  require rendering you need to bear in mind the resources which will be effectively decommissioned in the meantime. Your workstations can be utilised on more productive output, and you can start new projects at once.

The Exalta Render Farm provides a large base of powerful machines which allow you to meet your deadlines easily whilst allowing you to work unhindered on other matters in the meantime. It is much the same as a film-developing laboratory, but for 3D graphics instead.

You simply upload your 3D files, submit them to us, and watch them be rendered with astonishing speed.


We also offer 3D Modelling, High Resolution Rendering, Product design and
Render Farm Service.